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A Michael Morse Trade Poll Of Staggering Consequence

How did you react when you found out that the Mariners traded John Jaso for Michael Morse, straight up? Your answer might be personally illuminating.

yeah that was about my reaction
yeah that was about my reaction

One of the best things about a transaction is that transactions are exciting. Not always in a good way, and not always in a bad way, but transactions are exciting because transactions are change. We love change in our sports teams; we grow bored of them quickly. The best part of fantasy baseball is the initial draft, followed by in-season trades and switches. Scoring points? Whatever about points. One of the other best things about a transaction, at least from my perspective, is that there's always something to talk about. A few days ago, I was at a loss for what to put on the website. Then the Mariners traded a guy for a guy. Now I know what to put on the website.

The John Jaso for Michael Morse trade has already been covered in great detail, here and at USS Mariner and at other places too. Which isn't to say that we're done covering it, because there are plenty of angles. This is one I want to explore in particular, and it has to do with psychology, but I can't explain it yet. Trust me that the poll you're going to find below is serving a purpose. Please respond, and we'll re-visit the responses later on once enough have been collected. I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. And I'm a guy who keeps his promises. I promise that.

By now, a day later, I'm guessing we're all feeling pretty rational about the deal. The wave of immediate emotion has come and gone, leaving bare the statistical debris. We're over the shock, and we're into the analysis. That's good -- this place is healthy. This is where it's good to be. But I'm going to ask you to rewind. I want to know about your immediate responses.

You found out the Mariners traded Jaso for Morse, straight up. You found that out yesterday afternoon, or yesterday night, or today. Maybe just now! Then what? What came next, before the calming, before the rationalization? If there wasn't immediate calming and immediate rationalization. This is science, bitches.