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hey it's Justin Upton
hey it's Justin Upton
Jeff Gross

This afternoon, I wrote a little something about pitchers batting over at FanGraphs, and during my research something captured my attention. I hope now it will capture your attention. I hope it captures your attention on the street, throws it into the back of a van, blindfolds it, and drives it to a desolate riverbank. There the blindfold will be removed and your attention will be asked pointedly why it can be so damned difficult to capture most of the time. Quit playing hard to get, attention. Just chill out.

I was researching American League pitchers batting, more specifically. In 2012, AL pitchers batted 319 times. Not once was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch.

In 2011, AL pitchers batted 311 times. Not once was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch.

In 2010, AL pitchers batted 310 times. Not once was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch.

In 2009, AL pitchers batted 327 times. Not once was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch.

In 2008, AL pitchers batted 326 times. Not once was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch.

In 2007, AL pitchers batted 323 times. Twice was an AL pitcher hit by a pitch -- once on May 20, when Jason Hirsh hit Brian Bannister, and once on June 14, when Jason Marquis hit Jeff Weaver. Weaver was a Mariner at the time, of course, and not since Weaver was hit has another AL pitcher been hit by a pitch while batting. This is a rare thing, and a Mariners pitcher is the last pitcher to do it. Or, a Mariners pitcher is the last pitcher to have it done to him.

It happened in the top of the sixth in a game against the Cubs. The Mariners came in at 35-27, while the Cubs came in at 29-35. The Cubs were ahead 3-0, and Marquis had allowed one baserunner. Then with one down, he hit Weaver in a 2-and-2 count. Two walks, an error, and a double later, and the Mariners were ahead 4-3. What a comeback! Until Brandon Morrow blew it in the eighth. But at least Jason Marquis didn't get his victory. He didn't deserve it, after drilling Jeff Weaver.

Or nicking Jeff Weaver, in the arm. The best part: the game thread.

ok, we need more hitters like Weaver

Weaver hit!


Well, wonderful.

Jeff Weaver's arm gets hit. That guarantees that we keep him around for a while longer.




Be hurt!

Jason Marquis

My hero.

Jason Marquis May Be My Hero...

...but only if Weaver goes down.

that's all he needs is another injury save

first shoulder, then his back, now his arm


That was Weaver's eighth start of the season. Through the first seven, he allowed 37 runs in 26 innings, with a 1.111 OPS against. People weren't really big fans of Jeff Weaver continuing to pitch for the Mariners. People were big fans of Jason Marquis trying to help some fellas out.

Said Marquis:

''I got to attack Jeff Weaver a little better, obviously,'' Marquis said. ''The pitch just got away from me.''

"Two pitches cost me there," he said. "Obviously, the hit-by-pitch to Weaver, and leaving that ball up to Ibanez. He did what he was supposed to do with it. For the most part, I felt good, and luckily we came out of there with the win."

And this has been your reminder that Jeff Weaver pitched for the Mariners. 27 times, in 2007. He didn't pitch in the majors at all in 2008.