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Mariner/Rainier Moves


Ever notice how similar the words Mariner and Rainier are? They use a lot of the same letters! But there's a big difference in paychecks between the two and now some of the latter will be among the former, for a little while.

According to everyone, the further list of promotions to Seattle are Mike Carp, Luis Jimenez, Shawn Kelley, Alex Liddi, Hector Noesi, Carlos Triunfel and Casper Wells. Johermyn Chavez (remember? from the Brandons trade) was removed from the 40-man roster to make room for Jimenez. I'm surprised that Chavez was enough. I'd thought they have to DFA two guys to make enough room for Jimenez.

I'm sure someone will be by shortly to complain about it not being Chone Figgins. DFA'ing Chone Figgins would be purely symbolic at this point. He's not going to play. He literally might not play again this season. He was already barely playing. The erasure of Chone Figgins from your everyday baseball experience happened quite a while ago, but I guess some people are very into symbols. I'd rather focus on the positives like Jimenez, Wells and Kelley being back, seeing how Carlos Triunfel's first plate appearance goes and Hector Noesi's return.

Haha, just kidding on that last one.

By the way, Casper Wells is starting in right field tonight.

Oh and Guillermo Quiroz was traded to the Red Sox for some cash, or the possibility of some cash at a later date.