Most Interesting Prospect Rankings - Hitters

Based on the existing 4 parts of this series, I decided to take a break before tackling the arms and make a cross-position personal ranking of the bats. Fors those of you who missed it (Shame On You!), Catcher and 1B is here. Middle Infield is here. 3B is here. OF is here.

These rankings are who I think CAN be the best Major Leaguers in the group. Where I feel roughly equal about a couple/few guys, then I tiebreak by who I think is most likely to reach that potential. Players in the list must have appeared in one of the previous articles (but not everyone mentioned is on the list). You'll find the player's age for this past season and likely position after their name.

Elite Prospects

1. Mike Zunino, 21/C
2. Nick Franklin, 21/SS

Big Time Upside

3. Gabriel Guerrero, 18/cOF
4. Julio Morban, 20/cOF

Getting Close, Good production

5. Stefen Romero, 23/2B
6. Brad Miller, 22/SS

Upside with Questions

7. Patrick Kivlehan, 22/3B
8. Leon Landry, 22/CF

Production Potential

9. Rich Poythress, 24/1B
10. Vinnie Catricala, 23/3B

A Long Way Off, Highly Thought Of

11. Guillermo Pimentel, 19/cOF
12. Tyler Marlette, 19/C

Low Minors Production

13. Taylor Ard, 22/1B
14. Jack Marder, 22/Util
15. James Jones, 23/cOF
16. Steven Proscia, 22/3B

One Month Of Interesting

17. Janelfry Zorrilla, 21/cOF

The Rest

18. John Hicks, 22/C
19. Marcus Littlewood, 20/C
20. Francisco Martinez, 21/3B
21. Mario Martinez, 22/3B
22. Kevin Rivers, 23/cOF
23. Jabari Blash, 22/cOF

So there you go. If you ask me to rank these guys next week without looking at this ranking, it might be different. I'm sure I'm way higher on GG and Morban than most, and I'm sure people will have some my 13-16 rank guys up higher, but it's a crapshoot and you can only go with your gut.

Looking forward to the comments on this one.