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Mariners and Orioles Open Ornithology Thread

Today I learned that there are "Old World" orioles and "New World" orioles and that they are not the same thing. Discuss.

Though the Mariners have the league's worst, or near worst depending on your metric, offense, their lineup tonight is actually better than Baltimore's going by 2012 wOBA. The Endy Chavez instead of Nick Markakis downgrade is a big one at the plate.

The Seattle Mariners' lineup for tonight, if production were held constant and extrapolated out to all 147 games played, would be worth about 54 runs better than the actual Mariners have done at the plate. Notice how there's no Miguel Olivo in this lineup?

SEATTLE (70-77) BALTIMORE (82-64)
Dustin Ackley* 2B Nate McLouth* LF
Franklin Gutierrez CF J.J. Hardy SS
Kyle Seager* 3B Chris Davis* DH
Jesus Montero C Adam Jones CF
John Jaso* DH Matt Wieters^ C
Michael Saunders* LF Mark Reynolds 1B
Justin Smoak^ 1B Manny Machado 3B
Eric Thames* RF Endy Chavez* RF
Brendan Ryan SS Robert Andino 2B
Hector Noesi Chris Tillman
chart chart
BF: 407, K: 15%, nB: 9%, GB: 35%, TRA+: 75 BF: 256, K: 19%, nB: 9%, GB: 39%, TRA+: 115

It's unbelievable that Noesi looks not just better than Chris Tillman here, but a lot better, right? I was sure my charts had been flipped or something, but no, Noesi actually does throw more strikes and have a better contact rate than Chris Tillman. Noesi just cannot seem to turn good micro-level tools into good macro-level results. Yet, anyways.

LINEUP -0.43 -0.80
FIELDING 0.32 -0.01
STARTER -0.72 0.43
BULLPEN -0.04 0.25
OVERALL -0.87 -0.13