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Mariners at Rangers Open Thread for Game of Baseball

Took them long enough to get the line ups out!

So I added fielding and bullpen to the game-specific rankings below. The bullpen I'm fine with, it uses the actual bullpen performance over the past 6 weeks only, and adjusts for how much you'd expect them to be used given the endurance of today's starting pitcher. For fielding, I don't have an easy way to assign individual credit or even look only over a shorter time span, so I just use the season-long performance, pro-rated down to a single game.

Also, I added some stats for the starting pitchers below the graphs. Enjoy! Or don't. But if you don't, maybe offer a suggestion?

TEXAS (85-58) SEATTLE (69-75)
Ian Kinsler 2B Dustin Ackley* 2B
Elvis Andrus SS Michael Saunders* CF
Josh Hamilton* CF Kyle Seager* 3B
Adrian Beltre DH John Jaso* DH
Nelson Cruz RF Jesus Montero C
Michael Young 3B Mike Carp* 1B
David Murphy* LF Carlos Peguero* RF
Geovany Soto C Trayvon Robinson^ LF
Mitch Moreland* 1B Munenori Kawasaki* SS
Yu Darvish Hisashi Iwakuma
chart chart
BF: 735, K: 27%, nB: 13%, GB: 46%, TRA+: 117 BF: 290, K: 21%, nB: 9%, GB: 50%, TRA+: 96
LINEUP 0.59 -0.60
FIELDING 0.10 0.33
STARTER 0.59 -0.12
BULLPEN -0.12 -0.02
OVERALL 1.16 -0.41