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MLB Releases 2013 Schedule Draft

So excited
So excited

Draft might not be the correct word -- draft implies changes still to come -- but the master schedule is being called tentative at this point. I think it is always called tentative at first, but I don't know how often Major League Baseball actually makes a substantial change. Here's the report issued and here's a link to the Mariners' 2013 schedule in a not-as-handy monthly format. This calls for bullet points

  • There's the whole World Baseball Classic thing again. Not Mariners-related per se, but just, you know, remember that? It'll be back.
  • The Mariners open on April 1 at Oakland. Of course they do.
  • They also end the season against the Athletics. Of course they do.
  • The Mariners open at home against the Astros!!!
  • The Mariners have just one off day during April and then get five in May including this weird procession.
    May 6: off day
    May 7: at Pirates
    May 8: at Pirates
    May 9: off day
  • Speaking of that, the Mariners do almost that exact same thing in late June with off days on June 24 and 27 and games against the Pirates, at home, on the 25th and 26th. This one is made all the more bizarre by coming in the middle of a home stand. So the team will get two days off while at home to, I don't know, hunt?
  • Baseball is still trying to highlight the rivalry stuff and next year is adding a new feature wherein the games are played back to back.
    May 27: vs Padres
    May 28: vs Padres
    May 29: at Padres
    May 30: at Padres
  • The Mariners don't play the Royals until September, and then play them seven times that month.
  • Overall, here's the breakdown of opponents, sorted by most to least played and ties broken by number of home games
    Angels: 19, 10 home, 9 away
    Rangers: 19, 10 home, 9 away
    Astros: 19, 9 home, 10 away
    Athletics: 19, 9 home, 10 away
    Red Sox: 7, 4 home, 3 away
    Twins: 7, 4 home, 3 away
    Yankees: 7, 4 home, 3 away
    Indians: 7, 3 home, 4 away
    Royals: 7, 3 home, 4 away
    Tigers: 7, 3 home, 4 away
    Blue Jays: 6, 3 home, 3 away
    Orioles: 6, 3 home, 3 away
    Rays: 6, 3 home, 3 away
    White Sox: 6, 3 home, 3 away
    Padres: 4, 2 home, 2 away
    Pirates: 4, 2 home, 2 away
    Brewers: 3, 3 home, 0 away
    Cubs: 3, 3 home, 0 away
    Cardinals: 3, 0 home, 3 away
    Reds: 3, 0 home, 3 away