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Mariners at Blue Jays Open Game Thread

Yes, I know that there are now four actual and/or potential professional men's sports teams in Seattle that are currently more interesting than the Mariners, but there's still a game. Here it is.

MARINERS (67-74) BLUE JAYS (64-75)
D. Ackley, 2B B. Lawrie, 3B
F. Gutierrez, CF C. Rasmus, CF
K. Seager, 3B E. Encarnacion, DH
J. Jaso, DH A. Lind, 1B
J. Montero, C Y. Escobar, SS
M. Saunders, LF K. Johnson, 2B
E. Thames, RF J. Arencibia, C
M. Carp, 1B R. Davis, LF
B. Ryan, SS A. Gose, RF
Chart Chart