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When do you read?

In order to best serve you and us, perhaps you can help us out a bit. I'm curious when/how often y'all check Lookout Landing. Specifically, I'm wondering about what brings you to Lookout Landing first? Is it seeing a link on Twitter? RSS? On Facebook? Elsewhere? Do you check LL for new posts first thing in the internet morning? If so, is there a usual time for that?

But I'm also interested in any other posting feedback y'all have. I know most readers are on west coast time, do you like having new content at 8am to read when you wake up? Or will you miss that because you're not awake? East coasters (or elsewhere) do you want earlier content more suited for your time zone? Do you read the game recaps when they're posted or the next morning? Are posts in the late afternoon missed because you're commuting? What about on weekends?