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In the .gif post below this one, we talked about how a single .gif isn't proof of anything beyond that which is featured in the .gif itself. A .gif of Raul Ibanez dropping a fly ball isn't proof that Raul Ibanez is a terrible outfielder -- it's proof that outfielder Raul Ibanez dropped a fly ball, once. And he probably looked funny doing it. It's pretty hard to look not funny when you're dropping a fly ball in a baseball game.

What you'll see here, then, is also not proof. This isn't proof that Brendan Ryan is a spectacular and imaginative defensive shortstop. We know that he is, so we don't need proof, but if we did need proof, this wouldn't be it. This would be proof that, one time, Brendan Ryan made a spectacular and imaginative play, against the Angels. It doubled as a very important play, although in the end it's not like it helped to preserve a Mariners win. Retroactively this play is less significant than it was at the time. How rude of the baseball game.

Here is the video highlight, which isn't yet embeddable. The .gifs below are embeddable, so I have embedded them, which is how they are below. Man, explaining details can take a lot of time. I'm so glad I don't have a child. Half my time would be spent explaining things, and then if I ever explained something wrong, the child would never forget, because children soak up information way more than their stupid and irresponsible behavior would suggest. If you have children, they're disappointments because you explained details incorrectly when they were younger. What is this paragraph even about? It's not about Brendan Ryan turning a double play, I'll tell you that much.

Here's Brendan Ryan turning a double play that wasn't of the routine 6-4-3 variety. Big ups to the FOX camera guy for just nailing it live. Do people still say "big ups"? I guess it doesn't matter because I wasn't being sincere. Way to blow it, nameless dude.