Digging in the DSL

I, like many of you (I assume, as there is no way to know) keep an eye on the M's minor league affiliates. Generally, though, I don't go further down than Arizona. I keep a close eye on Tacoma, Jackson, High Desert, Clinton, and Everett and cast a cursory eye towards Pulaski and Arizona. I rarely ever even think about the guys down in the DSL. It's just too far away. The players are too far away. It's just too much.

Today was different. I was reminded by a random article that the Mariners had signed Vlad Guerrero's nephew last year, and so I went looking for Mr. Gabriel Guerrero. Wouldn't you know it, I found him in the DSL, having played 49 games this season as an 18 year old outfielder. He played 57 in the same league at 17 and was, well...dreadful. .586 OPS dreadful. But hey, he was 17.

Back to 18 year old Gabriel. 49 games. 197 ABs, 71 hits, 24 XBH including 11 HR, 20 walks, and just 27 Ks. A 360/414/614 slash line. A K rate around 12% and an OPS at 1028 from a guy with Vlad Guerrero lineage? OK, DSL, you have my interest.

Not that I really believe anything will come of this. In my mind, no one who has ever been good in the DSL ended up good in MLB. But I'll be interested to see if GG ends up on some end-of-year prospect lists for the Mariners.