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Justin Smoak Sent to Tacoma, Mike Carp Returns

Seven hours ago, this was expected news:

Now it's a bit unexpected since the departure of Ichiro Suzuki to the Yankees opened up a roster spot for Mike Carp to return without needing to remove Justin Smoak. Yet, the Mariners option Smoak down anyways. I believe the general feeling toward that move is "about time" along with some hopes that Smoak can recover himself somehow down there.

There's a move to be made of course since a one-for-one swap still leaves the Mariners with only 24 active players. I'm holding out hope for Luis Jimenez. Logically it could be D.J. Mitchell who took Ichiro's 40-man spot, but there's little need for another arm at the moment. The closest thing to an outfielder in Tacoma who's quickly available might be Alex Liddi, but that's like saying the closest thing available to a refreshing beer is this cactus.