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Seattle Mariners Sign Mike Zunino

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he looks old
he looks old

The Seattle Mariners drafted players, and they went on to sign a number of those players for over-slot bonuses. They had not yet, for a while, signed first-round pick Mike Zunino, and they wound up in a position where they would have to somehow sign Zunino for well under slot, or else pay a significant penalty. This was a cause for some concern, as people figured the Mariners knew what they were doing, but they couldn't be absolutely sure the Mariners knew what they were doing.

The Mariners knew what they were doing. Surprise! Mike Zunino has signed. And while the Mariners haven't said anything, Jerry Crasnick reports that he's getting a $4 million bonus. Jon Heyman said the same thing. It's looking like a $4 million bonus.

The slot value of the Zunino pick is $5.2 million. A $4 million bonus, then, would be well under-slot, such that the Mariners will not have to forfeit any future draft picks or anything. They might have to pay a little bit extra as a tax, I'm not sure yet, but that would be a relative pittance. While Zunino might've had a ton of leverage, this is no disaster scenario, and everything has worked out peaches.

Zunino will be officially introduced tomorrow, and then shortly thereafter he'll begin his professional baseball career at some level. He's instantly one of the organization's top position-player prospects, which means it shouldn't be long before he's enjoying tremendous success in Cleveland. I don't care if that was a long time ago and only a couple of guys. I don't care if that was a different front office. Holy shit, they traded Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo for both halves of an underwhelming DH platoon. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit!

In college, Zunino won awards, and pretty much every baseball player who's ever been drafted won awards. I won awards. Zunino's awards are more impressive, though. In terms of significance, if not in terms of size. I don't know what Mike Zunino's various awards actually look like physically. Who cares? Not this guy.