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Meeting of Interest

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Hello there! I'm here to let you, those of you that are denizens of the Seattle area, know about an exciting opportunity! You may have read or heard or seen or felt or loved some information about how there's some people who want to build a new arena in the Sodo district and some other people who don't want them to, or maybe don't want them to, and so on. You should really take care to inform yourself about the matter because I cannot possibly explain it all and frankly, you will not be able to understand it all because nobody does because it involves a lot of things like what traffic will be in 10 years and let's be honest, nobody has any honking (traffic joke!) idea.

Anyways, about the arena, it will be going to a vote (not by you*) soon and per Seattle Martial Law, all things that might ever be voted on by anyone, including private book clubs selecting their next Jane Austen novel, must convene at least seventeen public hearings first. So there's a hearing coming up. Take it away, dot gov website

*Unless you happen to be Sally J. Clark, or one of the other council members. In which case, hi Sally J. Clark or possibly other council member!

The Seattle City Council and the King County Council will hold a joint public hearing on the proposed SODO arena at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 19 in the Bertha Knight Landes Room on the first floor of Seattle City Hall, at 600 4th Avenue, between James and Cherry. Sign-up for the hearing begins at 5 p.m.

I've been informed that the entire meeting is public comment and that it should be a great opportunity for people (like you!) to tell the Councils what they think about bringing back the Sonics, bringing back Almost Live, seeing the NHL in Seattle, seeing direct 520 access from Mercer St and/or which Girl Scout cookie you think is the best.

So if you care and are informed, consider going and sharing your opinion. If you don't care and are informed, your opinion might be even more welcome since you might be somewhat impartial. If you are not informed, please do not go to speak. Everyone will hate you. You may go and listen.

Lookout Landing has no official position on the matter at this time. We bring you this public service announcement as a form of awareness only. The important thing is that you vote for me. After all, crazier stuff has happened. Ask yourself, would life be any worse under a robotic, data-driven overlord?