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Jesus Montero Really Liked This No-Hitter

After your standard one-pitcher no-hitter, it's pretty obvious how a team is supposed to celebrate. The players all mob the pitcher on the mound, as he was the guy who did the work, and as he was the guy who made history.

Tonight, six different Mariners pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter against the Dodgers. This made the immediate post-game celebration a little weird, because players weren't sure who to mob. Tom Wilhelmsen threw the last inning, but he threw just that one inning. Kevin Millwood threw the most innings, but he was elsewhere, injured. Players were milling around, smiling and high-fiving, but the whole scene was awkward for everyone.

Everyone, that is, except for Jesus Montero. Sure, the Mariners went through six different pitchers, but they didn't go through six different catchers. They stayed with the one - Montero - so Montero successfully called and caught a nine-inning no-hitter by himself. Nuts to the rest of the guys - Montero was going to celebrate the occasion as the occasion should be celebrated.