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6/8: Open Game Thread

Ichiro Suzuki, RF Dee Gordon, SS
Dustin Ackley, 2B Elian Herrera, 3B
Kyle Seager, 3B Andre Ethier, RF
Jesus Montero, C Juan Rivera, DH
Justin Smoak, 1B Bobby Abreu, LF
Michael Saunders, CF Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
John Jaso, DH James Loney, 1B
Mike Carp, LF A.J. Ellis, C
Munenori Kawasaki, SS Tony Gwynn Jr., CF

Kevin Millwood

#25 / Pitcher / Seattle Mariners





Dec 24, 1974

Nathan Eovaldi

#50 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Feb 13, 1990

Nathan Eovaldi, the guy you see right up there - he's 22 years old. He doesn't look twice that or anything, but he looks 28 or 29 or 30, and not like he's younger than Stephen Pryor. This is an Andy Sonnanstine/Alex Avila situation all over again.

Additionally, this will be Dee Gordon's 39th start at leadoff, and while he is tremendously exciting to watch, he has also been dreadful, just dreadful. He has a lower on-base percentage than Munenori Kawasaki, although the less said about slugging percentage, the better. For both of them, really. Dee Gordon. So bad, statistically.

Let us go, the Mariners!