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Mariners Fail to Dodge Playing Dodgers

MARINERS (26-33) Δ Ms DODGERS (37-21) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -32.2 (27th) 2.3 30.9 (3rd) Los Angeles
FIELDING 30.5 (1st) -3.1 9.1 (12th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) -0.5 (16th) -4.7 8.8 (12th) Los Angeles
BULLPEN (tRA) -12.3 (28th) 2.1 -3.6 (21st) Los Angeles
OVERALL(RAA) -14.5 (20th) -3.4 45.2 (4th) LOS ANGELES

FRI 19:10 Kevin Millwood v Nathan Eovaldi
SAT 16:15 Jason Vargas* v Clayton Kershaw*
SUN 13:10 TBD v Chad Billingsley

A very abbreviated series preview today as I am swamped anyways and Statcorner's server was down earlier. So, quasi-bullet points! Don't let me, Matthew, disorient you because these are not bullets being fired by Jeff, at you. You shouldn't be so excited when Jeff fires bullet points at you. You should probably run, or at least, stop clicking through or something. What's wrong with you?

  • The Dodgers rate very well, but something like 20-25 of their positive runs were due to Matt Kemp who is now out. They're still a good team, just not as good at this current moment. The Dodgers are 23-12 (.657) in games Matt Kemp has started. They are 14-9 (.609) in games that he has not. What a huge difference!
  • The Dodgers have a negative run differential (45-47) in nine games against the Rockies this year. The Mariners played three games against the Rockies, in Denver, and they might have been the cruisingest three games of the Mariners' season so far. National League, man.
  • Literally translated into English, the Mariners will be playing The Angels Dodgers. So are they evil? Or what? A lot rides on whether there's an apostrophe in Angels somewhere.
  • Welcome back Adam Kennedy and Jamey Wright! Those are players that many people will or would have claimed "do not belong on a championship team" and now look. Jamey Wright, naturally, has almost doubled his strikeout and swinging strike rate. Frickin' National League!
  • A.J. Ellis is a weird story. Just go look at how it's taken him to solidify a job in the Major Leagues and then what he's done this season. On its own, it's baffling, but then, oh, yeah, National League.