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MLB Draft Rounds 2-15 Open Thread

Remember last night, before the game? That whole draft thing? It was such fun! The hope, the depression, the overreaction, all of it. Let's do it again, shall we! Today starting at 9am for those of us on the best coast, the draft will reconvene with rounds two through fifteen. Here are the Mariners' slots:

Round 2 (64): Joe DeCarlo, SS, R/R, High School
Round 3 (98): Edwin Diaz, RHP, High School
Comp B (126): Tyler Pike, LHP, High School
Round 4 (131): Patrick Kivlehan, 3B, R/R, College
Round 5 (161): Chris Taylor, SS, R/R, College
Round 6 (191): Timmy Lopes, SS, R/R, High School
Round 7 (221): Taylor Ard, 1B, R/R, College (WSU)
Round 8 (251): Nick Halamandaris, 1B, L/L, High School
Round 9 (281): Jamodrick McGruder, 2B, L/R, College
Round 10 (311): Grady Wood, RHP, College
Round 11 (341): Kristian Brito, 1B, R/R, High School
Round 12 (371): Michael Faulkner, CF, L/L, College
Round 13 (401): Blake Hauser, RHP, College
Round 14 (431): Brock Hebert, 2B, R/R, College
Round 15 (461): Dario Pizzano, OF, L/R, College

No, I don't really have much any information on which players to look out for. Many of the supposedly "best available" will be highschoolers who are very committed to college and will be tough to throw money at under the new draft cap. But there are some gems left and there will almost certainly be some people in this thread who will tell you how to feel about each selection! It's up to you to decide whether to trust them or not, but let's be real, you will. Because stoicness isn't allowed.