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2012 MLB Draft First Round Open Thread

Away we go, almost. As a reminder, the draft gets started at 4pm Pacific. As a reminder, today will feature the first 60 picks. As a reminder, the Mariners will pick third, and only third. Not overall, but today. The Mariners will pick more guys tomorrow and Wednesday unless they go so far off the board that they end up getting shut out.

You can watch on MLB Network, or you can watch here? Here's's draft central. Here's's draft tracker. isn't the only provider of draft coverage, nor is it the most insightful provider of draft coverage, but the draft isn't really my thing so is good enough for me. What's most important is hearing the name. will give the name.

The Mariners will be hard-pressed to generate as ridiculous a response as they did a year ago. But we won't know if the Mariners will do something normal and expected until they do something normal and expected. Mike Cameron is the team's draft representative by the way, if that's the kind of thing that oils your hinges. I don't know if the Mariners can draft Mike Cameron but I wouldn't mind trying with the last pick. Not with today's pick. Although that would really be way off the board.