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Mariners to Distract us From Draft with Angels Games

MARINERS (24-32) Δ Ms ANGELS (28-27) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -34.4 (28th) 0.9 -20.9 (25th) Anaheim
FIELDING 33.7 (1st) -0.7 12.3 (8th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 4.2 (13th) -7.2 27.8 (2nd) Anaheim
BULLPEN (tRA) -14.4 (28th) 1.1 -10.9 (27th) Anaheim
OVERALL(RAA) -11.1 (18th) -5.9 8.3 (11th) ANAHEIM

A devastating series of games for Mariners starters as Felix and Noesi got shelled with home runs and Millwood hired Columbus to navigate him to the strike zone. Felix's game was, I don't know, potentially worrisome, but we'll see if it was exacerbated by the reported back issue or not. Noesi's though was extra frustrating to me since the offense showed up and just keep the ball down Hector! How difficult is that? Sure, it will be harder to get strikeouts pitching lower in the zone, but fewer home runs allowed is a worthwhile trade off. You're pitching in a band box that also had the wind blowing out. Adjust to your situation!

After sweeping the Mariners, the Angels are acting all uppity, getting over .500 and inching in on the Rangers' division lead. Albert Pujols is on a very Pujolsian hot streak. Please shut them up, Mariners. Somehow.

Mon 04 June 19:05


Most of my attention today will be on the Mariners' draft pick, third overall. I believe that is all they will select today as it is just the first round and compensation today. That's sort of nice because after the Mariners go, there's no burden to keep watching unless you're interested. Personally, now that I've previewed a bunch of players, I'm keen to see how the top half of the first round shakes out.

Tue 05 June 19:05


The much more exciting draft day with rounds two through fifteen. The Mariners will pick fourth and also have a B compensation pick granted for not being able to sign Kevin Cron last draft. That pick comes after the third round now, which is less nice, but still not terrible. The names that get picked in the rounds after the first but before the tenth are usually unknowns to the likes of us, but they pan out into Major Leagues more often than I thought. Not necessarily effective Major Leagues mind you, but since I pretty much have zero expectations for anyone drafted past the second round, anything there is gravy. The good kind of gravy.

A potential irony here is that I typed that paragraph under the heading for a game slated to be started by Blake Beavan and Garrett Richards, two rather mediocre pitchers so far. Both first round picks. Richards had more hype coming into the year than Beavan, but he's had a down year seeing Triple-A and the Majors, but seeing his walks rise to levels unsustainable for long term success.

Wed 06 June 19:05


The draft finishes up with a bunch of not-likely-to-matters from rounds 16 until 40. They shortened the draft to 40 rounds this year by the way.

Series Beer(s): Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA
I generally don't like white (or "wit") beers. I don't mind the taste, but most of them feel very similar to me. Like unoriginal copies of each other. And then I had a whole paragraph about the ways this beer is different but SBN ended up eating it so... yeah. This one's different. Try it, it appears to be in Deschutes' regular line up now so it's easily found and not expensive.