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Steve Delabar Qualifying for Greyhound Mileage Bonus

The Mariners have sent Steve Delabar back down to Tacoma and promoted Oliver Perez. To make room on the 40-man roster, the Mariners have removed Chih-Hsien Chiang, who came over from the Red Sox as part of the Erik Bedard trade.

I just wrote a little about Oliver Perez in the series preview:

Unrelated, but have you seen Oliver Perez's numbers lately? 141 batters faced, 42 strikeouts (30%, great) 19 walks (13.5%, awful). It won't mean anything long term since Perez is 30 and almost certainly won't be a Mariner next year, but I want to see him in Seattle sometime. A couple innings in September maybe. Just for the wildness. Wildness can be fun, even from your own team, if you don't care about the pitcher's success.

I suppose this means the Mariners still have stuff they want Steve Delabar to work on. Additionally, Oliver Perez was going to opt for free agency, per his contract, within a day or so of today if he wasn't on the Major League roster so that likely forced the timing of this move.

Chiang had a very promising start of the 2011 season with Boston's Double-A affiliate, but he's struggled mightily since becoming a Mariner farmhand. I'm not sure if this means the end of Chiang or not. I'll wait and see. In the meantime, excitement!