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Blog Event!

Those of you who've been around for a while will remember that we and USS Mariner used to throw blog events once or twice a year. And by that I mean Dave Cameron would do all of the actual organizing and we would show up like lazy idiots. We didn't have an event last year because Dave had the nerve to get leukemia, but through the wonders of science he doesn't have leukemia anymore, so the events are back. Or, there's an event coming.

On July 14, at Safeco. Look, I could really just direct you to the post that Dave already put up. But I'm continuing to type for some reason. For $20, you can enter Safeco at 2:45, participate actively or passively in a Q&A session, and then stick around to watch the Mariners maybe beat the Rangers but probably not.

It's a Saturday, and you can get tickets here. We probably won't be the only people talking in a Q&A, but for certain reasons the timing isn't optimal so we're not going to make any promises. If Dave Cameron, Jeff Sullivan, and the Seattle Mariners aren't enough to lure you to the ballpark, you're beyond help. You don't know what it is to be entertained.

Hope to see most of you there. Those of you I don't want to see there will find small envelopes in your mailboxes. Should you open the envelope, or should you opt to play it safe? Hmmm