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Pitchers on the Move in Tacoma and Jackson

LaFromboise, a while ago, possibly in a self-shot in the bathroom?
LaFromboise, a while ago, possibly in a self-shot in the bathroom?

The Mariners organization continues to feel the ripple from yesterday's big league rosters moves but no, still no Danny Hultzen in Tacoma just yet. Instead Jackson and Tacoma just swapped a pair of pitchers with Jorge Sena returning to Double-A along with Forrest Snow and Bobby LaFromboise and Steven Hensley getting their first callups to Triple-A.

Jandy Sena, in case you didn't know, is a tall right-hander from round 23 of 2010's draft who is mostly a reliever and gets a lot of ground balls and is bad at everything else. He's only 22 though, so maybe he'll get better, but since he's already trying the bullpen route and still can't get strikeouts or tighten the walks down to nothing, I doubt it.

Steven Hensley was a fourth round pick back in 2008 who showed promise as a starter with High Desert back in 2009, but has completely stalled in Double-A and this year has been moved to the bullpen. His strikeouts are back up to acceptable levels in the pen, but his walks have risen as well. I wouldn't put much hope in him either.

Forrest Snow I covered in more depth a year ago and he spent the rest of 2011 continuing his unexpected success, all the way up to Triple-A's bullpen. He opened this season in their rotation, but has really struggled finding the strike zone. It's hard to expect anything from a guy selected so low (round 36) in the draft, but I'm really rooting for him. Hopefully he gets it ironed out in Jackson, though I'm curious if he'll be in the rotation there. I don't think Snow deserves to lose that opportunity yet, especially given the starters down there right now outside the big names.

The last name, Bobby LaFromboise might not be familiar to you except possibly giving you a vague sense of deliciousness. Bobby is a big (6' 4") lefty taken in 2008 that had moved up one level each year until this season when he repeated at Jackson. That was a warranted decision as he was mediocre last season as a full time reliever.

Something may have changed this year though as Raspberry has gone on a tear through the Southern League. Before this year, his career Minor League strikeout rate was 19.6%; in 2012 it's up to 31.4%. The walk rate was 7.5%; it's currently at 4.9%. He's yet to allow a home run in the 102 batters faced this season and his ground ball rate is up over 50%. Those are all fantastic numbers.

I have no scouting information on the Razz. I tried searching around and found zip. I don't know what he throws (baseballs, I presume) or how scouts think his stuff will translate to the upper levels. What I know is that his numbers sure do.