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Mariners Roster Moves Official

Late last night, we wrote about how it looked like the Mariners' roster was about to undergo a radical transformation. At that point, it appeared as if Mike Carp and Stephen Pryor were DL-bound, Blake Beavan and Alex Liddi were Tacoma-bound, and Erasmo Ramirez, Franklin Gutierrez, Steve Delabar, and Casper Wells were Seattle-bound.

Now all of those moves are official and this post doesn't have anything new to add to the original post. Here's confirmation. Of the moves, not of the fact that this post doesn't have anything new to say. I don't have a link to confirm that.

Carp has been dealing with shoulder discomfort for some time, so he's getting another rest. No word yet on the severity of Pryor's strained groin, but obviously the team feels it's more significant than Kevin Millwood's strained groin.

Gutierrez is not in the starting lineup tonight, and Wells is, playing left field. I don't know why, but I would expect Gutierrez to start playing pretty often, as Eric Wedge clearly isn't enamored of the Casper Wells skillset. I'm guessing Gutierrez will be given center while Michael Saunders is bumped over, which is interesting and not interesting, depending on your mood. I'm in a mood of thinking it's not interesting, so I won't talk more about it.

When Gutierrez is in the lineup, it's going to be fun to watch the outfield defense. About as fun as it can be to watch any outfield defense, since it's just fly ball defense. I look forward to analyzing Ramirez's Major League starting debut, and making prematurely declarative statements. I don't know how Tacoma's going to sort out its roster situation when Carp starts rehabbing, but this isn't a Tacoma Rainiers blog. Don't listen to Mike Curto, when he tells you this is a Tacoma Rainiers blog! He is lying. He is a liar.