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Mariners Blow into Chicago to Face White Sox

MARINERS (23-30) Δ Ms WHITE SOX (29-22) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -35.3 (28th) 11.2 2.4 (10th) Chicago
FIELDING 34.3 (1st) 4.2 20.9 (3rd) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 11.3 (10th) 0.8 28.0 (3rd) Chicago
BULLPEN (tRA) -15.5 (29th) -2.2 1.9 (11th) Chicago
OVERALL(RAA) -5.2 (15th) 14.0 53.2 (3rd) CHICAGO

Arlington gets noted all the time for being a hitter's park, but the White Sox play in a rather bandbox-y park as well. If the Mariners would like to continue with their recent home run hitting ways, I do cordially invite them to partake in some Chicago-style dingers. They come with tomatoes there which is gross.

The White Sox are on a tear right now. They've won eight straight and 12 of their last 13 including sweeps of the Cubs at Wrigley, the Indians at home and the Rays in Tampa. Incredibly, the White Sox and Indians have already played 12 times. The Indians account for almost a quarter of the White Sox's games so far and we're 1/3 of the way done this year.

No possible revenge against Phil Humber this time. You escape for now, Phil.

Fri 01 June 17:10


Can Jake Peavy stay healthy and dominant this year? It's been so long since he managed to do both that he often drops off my baseball memory. Nope, he's still really good. However, he is susceptible to fly balls so maybe knock some of those ol' pitch-and-catch out to the people, Mariners. Give 'em a dose of the ol' Seattle cheer.

Sat 02 June 13:10


The White Sox as a team have hitters that aren't good at laying off pitches outside the strike zone. Hector Noesi could use that to his advantage to learn how to stop throwing 0-2 pitches anywhere near the strike zone.

Sun 03 June 11:10


Back in late April when the Mariners last faced the White Sox, they dealt with Chris Sale in the opener and I had this as the opening of the preview: "Chris Sale looks really good based on this chart, but a note of panic-reducing caution is that most of his time has been spent in relief so perhaps he will not be as effective in the rotation." Chris Sale went on to strike out 11 Mariners. And now over almost 60 innings of work in the rotation he's possessing a nearly 4:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Dang.

Series Beer(s): Silver City Fat Scotch
Yeah, I have an affection for scotch-style beers. And recently Cooper's Alehouse (a wonderful bar out in the barren Lake City) had some on tap and I was reminded yet again of how good this version is. If you can get the winter seasonal version of this, Fat Woody, which is aged in oak for a month, I also highly recommend that.