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There are blog posts and emails that I find fun to write, and there are blog posts and emails that I do not find fun to write. Sometimes it has to do with my mood, and sometimes it has to do with the content. Obviously, I wish that every blog post and every email were fun. That is impossible. Sometimes there are blog posts about Blake Beavan. Sometimes there are emails to Matthew. Haha, called you out, I hope we're still friends.

Similarly, there are words that are fun to say, and words that are not so fun to say. I really enjoy saying the word "belligerent", for example. I think it is an enjoyable word. Today's Word Learnin' word is also an enjoyable word, I think, at least if used sparingly. Today's word is "cicatrix"! Pronounced SICK-ah-tricks. You see it and you don't even believe that it's a real word, it's that awesome. The definition:

1. new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar.

Neat! And a little gross. Let's try an example sentence:

Some of the recent Mariner seasons wounded us deeply, and we bear the ugly cicatrix, unready to be pleased, prepared to be cynical.

That's a poor use, but it's a great word to use once around each person you know. Just let them know you know it. And try to say it out loud instead of typing it because that's where the party is. I just said it out loud right now! And realized that the guy to my right is wearing a hat and not headphones like I thought he was. Guess now he knows I know the word cicatrix.