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Keith Law Draft Update 3

We are a month away from the MLB draft where the Mariners will select third and then never again until like pick 2,000. So prospect ranking updates are about to start coming in fast and furiously, just like we saw a few weeks ago with the NFL draft. Just kidding, nobody gives a hoot about baseball's draft. If you're lucky, you might be able to get a hoe, but never a hoot.

Keith Law tries to fake it with an expanded list of now 100 prospects for the draft. Like the previous updates, it is behind ESPN Insider's pay wall. Luckily, the Mariners, and by extension you, need only concern yourself with the top five or so names. This way you are familiar with the people the Mariners do not select so that you may have your emotional overreaction when the Mariners take someone you weren't prepared for.

Law's top 5

1. Byron Buxton, HS, CF
2. Carlos Correa, HS, SS
3. Kevin Gausman, Col, RHP
4. Mike Zunino, Col, C
5. Max Fried, HS, LHP

Law also includes two highschoolers, Clint Coulter (CF) and Mitch Gueller (OF), from the state of Washington in his top 100, so you better watch out for those hometown rising stars!