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Here we have a Word Learnin' word that looks like "Bother" without a portion of the B. You might ask, are the two words related to one another? No, why would they be? B and P are completely different letters. The human brain tries to make connections even where there aren't any connections and your human brain just let you down. Kind of like it did when it made you a Mariners fan. How has that worked out for you? Actually right now we're the people who get to experience Munenori Kawasaki so we're kind of on cloud nine. But how has that worked out for you in the past? It wasn't your heart. It was your brain. Newsflash: your heart can't think about shit.

Of course, even though "bother" and today's word "pother" are unrelated, they can be confused for each other because they're pronounced the same, except with the B and the P. Some people are very particular about the way they pronounce their P's. Others are not. I sense that this isn't going to take me anywhere interesting so let's move on to the definition of "pother":

1. commotion; uproar.

A perfectly useful word. Pococurante can go fuck itself. An attempted example sentence:

Word that the Mariners were inserting Chone Figgins into the starting rotation whipped fans into quite the pother, but I don't think they're approaching this news in the right frame of mind.

Yeah, I don't know. Can we just start the baseball game?