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With baseball games every Saturday and every Sunday, most of the time I don't really get a true weekend. But I don't do Word Learnin' posts on the weekend, so come Monday it's like, oh right, back to the grind. It's a weird feeling, because the grind never stops. The grind never stops. The grind never stops. I'm going to keep on typing this over and over again until it starts to seem profound. I think it's almost there. The grind never stops.

Today's word is...well first I'm going to guess that it's not in the Firefox dictionary. Today's word is "sudorific". I was right! Red squiggly line! Haha Firefox dictionary, you're so terrible. I think this could be a handy word to know, if you don't already know it. The definition:

1. causing sweat; diaphoretic.

We can work with this. An attempted example sentence:

For a guy blessed with incredible stuff, you wouldn't think that Brandon League would have so many stressful, sudorific outings.

You probably thought I was going to drop Clint Nageotte or Kazuhiro Sasaki. Because they were always sweating. You actually probably did not think that. Spoken very quickly and incorrectly, "sudorific" can sound like "so terrific". Be cautious of this misinterpretation if you are a nimrod.