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Mariners Decide to Continue Frolicking in Sun

MARINERS (13-17) Δ Ms TIGERS (14-13) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -16.1 (26th) 2.0 -4.5 (16th) Detroit
FIELDING 17.5 (4th) 6.6 -16.8 (27th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 10.9 (9th) 5.5 15.9 (4th) Detroit
BULLPEN (tRA) -10.4 (30th) -3.1 0.0 (12th) Detroit
OVERALL(RAA) 2.0 (13th) 10.9 -5.4 (19th) SEATTLE


The Mariners are in positive overall territory. Though it may not have seemed like a walloping of the Twins, from a run prevention standpoint it was and the offense did just enough to inch the overall ranking into the black for now. As mentioned previously, the Mariners defense is turning balls in play into outs at a very good clip and so far are even making up for the ineptitude at the plate as hitting plus fielding is greater than zero.

Mon 07 May 19:10


Doug Fister makes his return for the Tigers from the disabled list. He happens to make his return against the Mariners and in Seattle. I miss Doug Fister :( but I will still root for the Mariners to go all kablooey on him tonight though if they saved a bunch of runs for the Tigers' bullpen, I wouldn't mind that instead.

Tue 08 May 19:10


I don't know about us sweeping the Tigers again you guys. Justin Verlander is a total beast. There's nothing in his stats that is remarkably different this season, good or bad, and that's amazing because Verlander is amazing and has been since 2009. When talking about the best pitchers of the last half-decade, it's basically either Roy Halladay or Justin Verlander. He's really good is what I'm saying, and he doesn't get an appropriate level of credit.

Wed 09 May 19:10


Three names were tossed around when the Doug Fister trade happened and the Mariners were said to be receiving a player to be named later. They were Nick Castellanos, Chance Ruffin and Drew Smyly; the Tigers' first three picks from the 2010 draft. Castellanos (1.023 OPS this year in High-A at age 20) was an extreme long shot. He was the best regarded prospect of the three and a third baseman and the Detroit had already sent over Francisco Martinez (.689 OPS in Double-A).

Most of us assumed — correctly as it turned — that the player would turn out to be Chance Ruffin. But many held out some hope for Drew Smyly, a left-handed starter. He was only in High-A at the time of the trade, but was doing fantastically. After the trade deadline, he was promoted to Double-A and didn't miss a beat with 53 strikeouts to 16 free passes in about 46 innings. The Tigers named Smyly their fifth starter to begin 2012 and he continues to succeed wherever he goes.

Series Beer: Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale
Sticking with the Samuel name of brewers, here's a deliciously nutty dark ale from Tadcaster which, based on a cursory look at a satellite map, I'm going to ignorantly equate to being England's version of Grinnel, Iowa. You can find Sam Smith beers easily in most northwest stores. If you haven't before, you should go out of your way to try and their oatmeal stout.