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Chone Figgins Demoted

utility player
utility player

When the Mariners released their Friday night lineup some time ago, one noticed that Chone Figgins was not in it, and that Dustin Ackley was batting leadoff. This is something you're gonna want to get used to, because according to Eric Wedge, Chone Figgins is no longer an everyday player. He's been demoted to a utility role, and Ackley will move up on at least a semi-permanent basis.

I'm looking at the text box and I don't even know what more there is to say. I just complained about Chone Figgins earlier this morning. The Mariners gave him just over a month to show signs of life, and while he did show some signs of life, he showed several more signs of...death? That's pretty dark. Signs of not-life. No, that means the same thing. Bad signs. He showed a lot of bad signs.

It was weird when the Mariners put Figgins at leadoff, considering the year he had in 2011. Statistically, it didn't make sense, and plenty of people were more than happy to point that out. I think it was understandable why the Mariners gave that a shot, though, and I don't think they waited too long to knock Figgins down. He's been demoted after 25 games. I am okay with the experiment having lasted 25 games. The results of the experiment are predictable, but it was worth seeing.

Figgins, of course, hasn't been released. He's been moved to the bench. But he can do less harm from the bench, and a demotion to the bench could easily be the first step toward a release or trade that's basically a release. Now Figgins isn't standing in the way of playing time for Kyle Seager or Mike Carp or Alex Liddi or Casper Wells or whoever, and maybe he'll be of use as a reserve. If Chone Figgins were standing in my way, I'd probably be like, doesn't look like there's anything standing in my way. This is a short joke. Friday afternoon brain :(

Ackley to leadoff is what we expected. When he's going good, Ackley is a patient, line-drive hitting on-base machine. When he's going bad, like he is now, he's not much to look at, but unlike Chone Figgins I don't think there are many people who expect Ackley to keep struggling the way that he has. He's too good to keep doing this, we tell ourselves about Dustin Ackley, and we told ourselves about Jeremy Reed. Whoa, wait, hold on, I didn't expect this post to go there. I just gave myself a spook.