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Mariners Slink Home, Try to Avoid Anyone Noticing

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MARINERS (11-16) Δ Ms TWINS (6-18) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -18.0 (26th) -3.0 -11.0 (21st) Minnesota
FIELDING 11.0 (5th) 5.7 6.4 (11th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 5.4 (13th) -0.8 -26.1 (30th) Seattle
BULLPEN (tRA) -7.3 (28th) 0.3 -3.5 (23rd) Minnesota
OVERALL(RAA) -9.0 (19th) 2.1 -34.1 (29th) SEATTLE

Winning salves everything but losses magnify the flaws. The Mariners are on a six-game losing streak right now and it's easy then to dwell on the concerns centered around Justin Smoak, Chone Figgins, Brendan Ryan and others. But hey, unlike the previous couple years, at least there are some genuinely positive developments as well. Michael Saunders, Kyle Seager and Alex Liddi all look like feasible big league contributors. That's encouraging if you get encouraged by such things. Personally, it's about watchability more than success for me; at least currently.

The two are closely aligned, but they're not synonyms. The Mariners right now can pitch a little and they can field a little more and they can hit somewhat, so long as nobody is on base. That's something, but I'm not sure if that's an overall good thing or bad thing. Is it more frustrating to watch an offense completely fail or repeatedly get runners into scoring position and then fail? The latter gives you slightly more hope for the future, right? Which is important, but it's also tough to watch I think because you never can quite reach the point where you simply turn away and do something more productive instead. I turned away and wrote this paragraph. With my fingers.

Productivity isn't as exciting as entertainment and given that we're all worm food eventually, maybe entertainment is more important. My guess is that priorities meander over time and that I just happen to be in a period of to do lists.

Fri 05 Apr 19:10


We've seen the Mariners lose to some good teams. The Rangers, Rays and Blue Jays are all among the American League's better squads and the Mariners played them all away from Seattle to boot. The won-loss record against those three isn't pretty (2-9), but the Mariners also did not get blown out of many of those games. They hung around playing good teams on the road.

The Twins have been legitimately awful this season. They have a -50 run differential already which is like a 47-win pace for the season. On the pitching front, the Twins have baseball's smallest strikeout rate. So they might remedy the Mariners' latest strikeout woes. We've seen the Mariners own the Athletics so far. If the M's can similarly dominate the Twins then perhaps the Mariners emerge as a team that can beat the weak and struggle against the strong. That's not sexy, but barring radical changes, it is something like a .500 team. Compared to the most recent iterations offered, .500 is pretty watchable.

Sat 05 May 18:10


Jeff Gray is 2-0 with a 1.69 ERA for the Twins. He's also put nine hitters on base and struck out just six. He's anti-Felix Hernandez!

Sun 06 May 13:10


Hector Noesi has been frustrating to watch at times this season and his control has left a lot to be desired. So far, he seems to be the member of the rotation that fans trust the least. Him, along with some of the more egregious offenders at the plate have sparked calls for a roster shake up. I'm unsure what realistic changes can be made in a transaction sense. Sure, the playing time could be moved around -- that's what I wanted so desperately at the catcher position -- but as far as actual cuts and promotions, Tacoma simply doesn't offer a lot of help. Most of the potentially impactful talent in the organization is further away.

Series Beer: Sam Adams Longshot
Sam Adams' Boston Lager is credibly easy to find all over the country. I am not a fan of that beer. Sam Adams also makes dozens of other types of beer, usually harder to find and almost always better. It's rather curious to me.