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They Can't Take That Half Inning Away, Part Two

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The second inning was fun enough, though I have to admit that even an 8-0 lead in Texas didn't have me convinced that the end result was inevitable. The Rangers still had eight opportunities to hit and games like the Yu Darvish debut always linger in my memory.

So then the Mariners did this in the top of the third inning tonight:

Michael Saunders doubles on line drive
Brendan Ryan reaches on error, Saunders scores. 9-0 Mariners
Dustin Ackley pops out, one out
Chone Figgins walks
Kyle Seager singles on line drive
Jesus Montero doubles on line drive, Ryan scores, Figgins scores. 11-0 Mariners
Justin Smoak homers on fly ball, Seager scores, Montero scores, Smoak scores. 14-0 Mariners
Alex Liddi singles on fly ball
Miguel Olivo singles on ground ball
Michael Saunders doubles on fly ball, Liddi scores. 15-0 Mariners
Brendan Ryan grounds out, two outs, Olivo scores. 16-0 Mariners
Dustin Ackley walks
Chone Figgins flies out, three outs

Eight runs, seven hits, two walks, two left.