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They Can't Take That Half Inning Away, Part One

What an absolutely fun night. Watching repeated anemic offensive performances day after day is far more draining than sucking at any other aspect of baseball I think. It engenders a feeling of hopelessness whenever the team falls behind. It also makes games utterly boring most times.

So when the team absolutely explodes for 21 runs, centered on a pair of 8-run frames, I think we fans collectively owe it to ourselves to savor this. You know how Jeff always remarks on the game before an off day having a bigger emotional impact because the feelings that come from that will be forced to linger for an extra day. Well, how good is your Thursday going to be now?

The Seattle Mariners in the top of the second inning tonight:

Jesus Montero singles on fly ball
Justin Smoak doubles on ground ball
Alex Liddi grounds out, one out
Miguel Olivo singles on line drive, Montero scores, Smoak scores. 2-0 Mariners
Michael Saunders pops out, two outs
Brendan Ryan singles on line drive
Dustin Ackley homers on fly ball, Olivo scores, Ryan scores, Ackley scores. 5-0 Mariners
Chone Figgins singles on line drive
Chone Figgins steals 2nd base
Kyle Seager singles on fly ball, Figgins scores. 6-0 Mariners
Jesus Montero homers on fly ball, Seager scores, Montero scores. 8-0 Mariners
Justin Smoak walks
Alex Liddi walks
Miguel Olivo grounds out, three outs

Eight runs, eight hits, two walks