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Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Open Game Thread

If you have to win all three (or four, or I guess, two) games to get "a sweep", what should winning two of three be called? A dust? C'mon Mariners, dust the Rangers?

MARINERS (22-30) RANGERS (31-19)
Dustin Ackley* 2B Ian Kinsler 2B
Chone Figgins^ RF Michael Young 3B
Kyle Seager* 3B Josh Hamilton* CF
Jesus Montero DH Adrian Beltre DH
Justin Smoak^ 1B David Murphy* LF
Alex Liddi LF Nelson Cruz RF
Miguel Olivo C Mike Napoli C
Michael Saunders* CF Mitch Moreland* 1B
Brendan Ryan SS Alberto Gonzalez SS
Blake Beavan P Derek Holland* P

Tonight's Keys to the Game

1. A loosened dictator
2. Why does a meatball?
3. Injuring the surplus