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Proposed New Downtown Arena has Website, Twitter

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Tenuous relationship
Tenuous relationship

The proposed new arena next to Safeco that would house a relocated NBA team and possibly NHL team does not concern the Mariners exactly, but it does affect them. To what degree is open for debate. Additionally, it's generally big news for the city at large, and for local sports fans. Also, I'm not above widening the scope of the front page here. Jeff's gone and he can't do anything about it!

That's my introductory way of saying that if you don't care about the arena debate, then fine. Skip this post. Although this post is really short and if you've read to here then you're about done with it anyways, so... keep reading? The bit of news here is that the group behind the proposal has launched both a website and a twitter feed. If you want to stay informed of their progress (without having to rely on the Seattle Times I guess), then now you have a (predisposed) source.

I'll do my best to add links to worthy arguments on both sides of the issue so if you know any, for, against or impartial, add them in the comments.