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Mariners v Rangers Open Game Thread

The only conclusion to draw from this lineup is that Dustin Ackley hates America. However, Jaso starting, leading off, against a lefty starter is a potentially interesting development from Eric Wedge.

John Jaso* DH Ian Kinsler 2B
Chone Figgins^ LF Elvis Andrus SS
Ichiro Suzuki* RF Michael Young DH
Jesus Montero C Adrian Beltre 3B
Justin Smoak^ 1B David Murphy* LF
Kyle Seager* 2B Nelson Cruz RF
Alex Liddi 3B Mike Napoli C
Michael Saunders* CF Mitch Moreland* 1B
Brendan Ryan SS Craig Gentry CF
Kevin Millwood P Matt Harrison* P

Tonight's Keys to the Game

1. Reform sunny chalk
2. Mixed exercises
3. Unfortunate cheek poles