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Mariners, Rangers, to Commemorate America with Baseball Games

MARINERS (21-29) Δ Ms RANGERS (30-18) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -46.6 (28th) -12.9 51.4 (2nd) Texas
FIELDING 30.1 (1st) 4.7 26.4 (2nd) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 10.5 (10th) -2.9 20.6 (7th) Texas
BULLPEN (tRA) -13.3 (28th) 1.8 23.7 (1st) Texas
OVERALL(RAA) -19.2 (19th) -9.3 122.1 (1st) TEXAS

The Mariners climbed out of the well of bad feelings with an easy sweep of the Rockies and then a well fought series win over the Rangers at home. And then they slipped right back into that easy chair of despondency at the hands of a four-game sweep by the Angels. Granted, while the losses were dejecting, the Mariners weren't dominated. Three times they lost by two plus the opener was dropped by three runs. They allowed 18 runs to score over the four games, not an insurmountable task, but they scored just nine times to bring back that too-familiar lack of confidence in the offense.

This is a good opportunity for the offense to not suck, but not a good opportunity for the Mariners to not suck.

Mon 28 May 17:05


Kevin Millwood goes for his third start against the Rangers this year already. So far, he's done extremely well against them. I can't figure out whether I have surprising confidence in him to keep it up, or absolutely zero confidence in him to keep it up. What I can figure out is that it kinda sucks having so many fly ball starting pitchers when the Mariners visit a park like Texas.

Tue 29 May 17:05


Looking back on the game logs, the last truly bad game (by results) a Mariners' starter pitched was Felix Hernandez against the Indians almost two weeks ago on 16 May. However, the last truly bad game by a Mariners' starter as measured by stats we believe pitchers have the most control over was Hector Noesi, yesterday. For the Rangers, it was Scott Feldman with his one-strikeout five-walk performance against Seattle. Let him do it again, Mariners!

Wed 30 May 17:05


Boy the Mariners sure could use some more good right-handed bats to put in the lineup against lefty starters. One that aren't Miguel Olivo. I said good bats. Can't you listen?

I'll go deeper into this in a post later this week, but supposing Chone Figgins were cast aside on Thursday's off day, the Mariners would most need a right-handed hitting outfielder to take his place. We'd naturally think about recalling Casper Wells. However, I mentioned when Casper got sent down to make room for Olivo's return, that it didn't really bug me much because Wedge wasn't playing Wells anyways, so why not let him compile numbers in Tacoma? We'd at least get a better picture of his talent that way than from him sitting on the bench so often.

So, assuming that the role to be taken over is Figgins' very part-time outfield start role, would you rather see Carlos Peguero get that?

Series Beer(s): Southern Tier Blackwater series
We're going to need a lot to get through this one.

There are five beers in what I consider the Southern Tier stout family and that I just now found out Southern Tier considers them brethern as well. There's Choklat, which is basically a liquid chocolate bar but with 10% alcohol. It's amazing. You need to try it. There's Crème Brulee which is too sweet to single handedly consume an entire bomber of, but is a great sharing and sipping beer. There's Oat which is what it sounds like. There's Jah-va, which is big on the coffee roast flavor and finally there's Mokah which is a mixture of Choklat and Jah-va. If you have a hearty self or interested group, working through all five in one evening can be quite a fun exercise.