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In today's edition of Word Learnin', I'm going to try a little trick. As I'm writing this post, the Mariners' game is well underway. However, I don't want this post to go on top of the game thread, so I'm going to make it appear as if this post were written much earlier. It's Word Learnin' trickery! In the future, people will think that this post was published at the time it says it was published. They won't have any way of knowing that in truth it was published much later. Unless they read this paragraph.

I'm only even writing this because today's word is too good to pass up. Today's word is "sibilant". It's fun to say, and you can imagine yourself actually saying it when it's appropriate. When would it be appropriate? Let us refer to the definition of the word:

1. hissing.

The definition of the word fits well with the pronunciation of the word. And now for an attempted example sentence:

Brandon League generates way fewer whiffs than you'd expect given his tailing and sibilant fastball, the seams screaming through the air.

These are just the worst example sentences. Actually here's a worse example sentence: "That wasn't very sibilant." What a terrible sentence!