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We all see the world from our own self-centered perspectives. That is among our strengths; that is among our flaws. From where I sit, this is an extremely slow, dull Thursday. Has been all along. Is that true? Is that actually true, or is that just me assuming that everybody else's experience is like my own experience? Has it just been a slow day on the Internet? Has it even been a slow day on the Internet? I guess it hasn't been a slow, dull Thursday for Red Sox fans, who got to boo the shit out of Josh Beckett. You know who's about to be 12-19? The Boston Red Sox. That's one of the very worst records in baseball! Haha!

This is a Word Learnin' post so we better get to the word. Today's word is "obtest", and it's taking all I have to write this post because this Thursday is so dull it's actively sucking the life out from inside me. It's like sitting on a conference call. You are killing me, just let me go, conference call, or Thursday. Here's the definition of that word from earlier in the paragraph.

to supplicate earnestly; beseech.

Not only is obtest a good word - supplicate is a good word, and beseech is a good word, too. Lots of potential Word Learnin' today! An attempted example sentence:

We will obtest that Eric Wedge continue to find playing time for John Jaso, even after Miguel Olivo comes back, but that's all we'll be able to do, and it might not do anything.

For funsies, John Jaso has a .341 OBP, and Miguel Olivo has a .229 OBP. If Miguel Olivo were to reach base 14 consecutive times, he'd have a .340 OBP. Wait, this isn't funsies. No part of this is funsies.