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For some reason it just occurred to me that the shorter these posts are, the more Word Learnin' will be done. Why have I been writing intros this whole time? Why am I writing this intro right now? Knock it off, Jeff, you're actively deterring people from reading on! Just get to the flipping point!

Today's word is "ort". It's just another word that Firefox doesn't recognize, because my Firefox is educated up to a second-grade level. But it also knows the names of tons of baseball players because I've forced it to. And it also knows the word "pococurante". Haha, stupid snobby Firefox. Here's the definition of "ort":

Usually, orts. a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal.

Simple. An attempted example sentence:

Miguel Olivo's injury is something of a break for John Jaso, who was previously reduced to hunting for mere orts of available playing time.

I wonder if John Jaso actually enjoys getting playing time. What if he doesn't? That would explain the whole thing.