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It's weird sitting here, electronically observing all these baseball fans getting excited about the return of the regular season. It feels like ages ago that the regular season returned for us. All we have to look forward to is Jason Vargas pitching tonight against Oakland. Which is something to look forward to, in that it isn't something to dread, but it's not exactly the sort of thing around which you plan a week. Other baseball fans are talking about the return of the regular season. I'm here, writing a nothing introduction for the latest word of the day. Hoowee, I think the introduction is done! Moving right along!

I love today's word. Today's word is "agley", pronounced uh-GLEE. It's just "ugly" except with the emphasis on the other syllable. And the definition isn't even all that dissimilar. You could probably use "agley" in a sentence out loud, and then another person would say "uh did you mean to say ugly?" and you would say "no" and boy would there be egg on that person's face. The definition:

off the right line; awry; wrong.

Easy to use, easy to master. An example sentence:

Felix Hernandez is going to start two of the Mariners' first four games of the season unless things go agley and we're all reduced to trembling wrecks.

Gonna go ahead and knock on a little wood, just to be safe. Don't worry, this totally works.