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(Don't miss the Tacoma Rainiers season opener game thread posted below.)


You might've thought that our word-of-the-day series would get lost in the mix during Major League Baseball's third of four Opening Days. You would be wrong, as I am demonstrating right here, with these words in this post. This is a continuation of our word-of-the-day series, in which we examine a new word of the day.

Yesterday's word was "sylph", and as you remember, a sylph is a slender, graceful woman or girl. Today's word is similar to sylph, in that it is kind of the opposite of sylph. It's the sort of thing that makes me think these words are not randomly selected. Today's word is "ephebe", pronounced ih-FEEB, and you've probably heard it before. I don't know why I said that. How should I know what you probably have and have not experienced? I am only one person. I can't project my experiences onto you. I apologize for being presumptuous. The definition of ephebe:

1. A young man.

Doesn't get a lot more simple than that. Of course, the origin of ephebe is a lot more complex, and then we're talking ancient Greece, but what I see now is "a young man", so what I'm running with is "a young man". I am not literally running with a young man so calm down, mother, there's no funny business up here. An example sentence:

The reality of being a Mariners fan aware of the farm system is that we're just waiting on the maturation and development of a ruck of hard-throwing minor-league ephebes.

I could've made that sound even creepier but I didn't want to take the time. Also, ruck. Word-of-the-day callback you sons of bitches!