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We're back for another episode in this series because the sooner we churn out another episode, the sooner we can put the whole zeitgeber thing behind us. That was a nightmare. I spent ten minutes trying to think of a decent example sentence and wound up with absolute crap. Never again, zeitgeber. I will boycott the usage of the word zeitgeber, which you will not notice, because I would never use the word zeitgeber anyway. Except for a bunch of times in this paragraph.

Today's word is "sylph". Pronounced like it looks, if you think it looks like it's pronounced "silf". This is one of those neat words that has a general definition and also a very specific definition. The very specific definition:

(in folklore) one of a race of supernatural beings supposed to inhabit the air.

The general definition:

a slender, graceful woman or girl.

We'll try to work with the general definition because there's no way I'd be able to tie the specific definition to the Mariners without giving this much more thought than I want to give. I feel kind of sick and the Marlins are on television, so the ol' noodle isn't really noodling. An attempted example sentence:

It was good to hear of Franklin Gutierrez's weight gain, since it was hard to buy him as a legitimate Major League hitter while he had the figure of a cheerleading sylph.

And now there will be a Google result for "cheerleading sylph". It is an underrated thrill to provide a Google first.