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Better hurry to get this up before the game thread! Late last week, I skipped over writing about "adenoidal" because I didn't have time. That was a shame, because I like the word "adenoidal" and now you'll never know what it means. Late last week I also skipped over writing about "nosh" but not because I ran out of time. More because I absolutely loathe the word "nosh" and hate all people who use it. There's an establishment not too far from here named Nosh and its slogan is "yummy for your tummy" and whenever I drive by I want to burn it to the ground.

Gotta go faster, gotta go faster. Today's word is "aphotic". Here's what that means:

lightless; dark.

And here's your attempted example sentence:

In fairness to Miguel Olivo's plate discipline, he was born and raised in an aphotic chamber in which he couldn't actually see the pitched baseballs at all.

Wow, when you put it that way, it's a miracle he's ever walked!