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And today we feature a word I'm kind of surprised I don't read in baseball articles more often, given what it means. Although I don't actually read all that many baseball articles. I don't actually read all that many articles. Okay, I can't actually read. Everything you've ever read here that's been posted under my name was spoken by me and typed out by a helper marmot. Now in this paragraph I've surprised you twice.

Today's word is "germinal" and it's not that unfamiliar. Today's word is not "terminal" because "terminal" starts with a t and "germinal" starts with a g. All of the rest of the letters are the same but that first one makes a big difference. Think of words like a family, and letters like family members. Change one family member and you change the family. Maybe it's a change for the better, maybe it's a change for the worse, but it's a change. Here is the first definition of "germinal", and not "terminal":

1. being in the earliest stage of development

And now for the customary example sentence:

It would be one thing if this were still a germinal rebuild, but as the process is well underway, Mariners fans are looking for results and losing their patience.

I just want dingers. I'm one of those people now. You can buy my patience with dingers.