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Mariners Released Phillippe Valiquette at some point

Artist's rendition

So, this got lost. Or ignored. Or something, which is pretty sad given the amount of coverage we give to everything else, but Mike Curto informs me that the Mariners released Phillipe Valiquette over the weekend just as they did with Aaron Heilman. How did we miss that?


Ohhhhhh. Sneaky bastards. They must have known there was going to be a huge negative outcry from the devout Quebecois fans of the Seattle Mariners and, contrastingly, a huge party thrown by one lonely and very sad person. The Mariners sure did do a thorough job in cleaning The Pile off the Spring Training Fields. I don't even see any discoloration in the grass under where it once stood.

However, I am disheartened because I really liked the idea behind Valiquette. The Mariners haven't had a true flame thrower in a while and they're always fun. Plus, his name is just sweet sweet nectar for the tongue. Phillippe-Alexandre Valiquette. How can you dislike that? Just saying his name puts me in the mood for a crêpe. I'm thinking Nutella and strawberries?