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Seattle Mariners Offer Compensation to Opening Day Attendees

You may have heard about the awful time experienced by those that attended the home opener last Friday night. Or you might have prehaps witnessed it first hand by being there. If so, then here is some good news. The Mariners want to make it up to you and aren't just wanting to, attempting to. Follow the link for the full information but the gist is that you can claim a free ticket for any home game in April or May and as a bonus, get $5 good toward concessions.

Here is how the make-good offer will work:

  • The tickets will be for any Mariners home game in April or May beginning Wednesday, April 18.
  • The locations will be in the same seating level as the guests' Opening Night tickets.
  • Those seated in Suites, Diamond Club, All-Star Club and Hit It Here Café will get the choice of Club or Main Level tickets.
  • Each make-good ticket will come pre-loaded with a $5 TicketPlu$ credit that can be redeemed at Safeco Field concession stands.
  • The Mariners have email addresses for most people who purchased tickets for Friday's game. They will receive information by email on how to receive their free tickets.
  • Fans who were at the game can claim their free tickets by showing their ticket stub or proof of purchase at any Mariners Team Store or the Safeco Field Box Office.

  • Anyone who does not have a ticket stub or proof of purchase can call 206-346-4001, the Mariners Customer Service Hotline, between 8:30am-5:30pm for assistance.
  • Again, go to the link for the complete information, but that's a generous gesture on the part of the Mariners. Kudos to them. No word yet on what those of us who were watching from home and stuck waiting for the Mariners to score any damn runs will get.