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Somebody mentioned in the comments below the previous post in this series that he really doesn't enjoy this series of posts. I'm not here to make an example of that person because I already forgot his screen name and I'm too lazy to look it up. Truth be told, I don't necessarily enjoy this series of posts all that much. Even though they're quick, these posts are just one more thing I need to get done each day before I go to bed. I'd be happy to cross something off of my to-do list. But then I really do think these posts can serve a positive purpose, even if the introductions don't. I have learned some new words from this series. Maybe you have learned some new words from this series. Isn't it a good thing to learn new words? Aren't you tired of knowing the same old words? I don't blame anybody for skipping right over these posts because this is a Mariners blog, and these barely have anything to do with the Mariners. These aren't baseball articles. But if ten percent of the readers read these, and if ten percent of those readers learn a new word,'s society. These can only help, as they can do little harm. Skip or don't skip, and that's fine with me. But I'll just keep going until I don't want to anymore. I mean, as long as I'm learning something sometimes...

Today's word! "Xenophilia"! It's the opposite of "xenophobia", which is a word you probably already knew! The definition!

an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.

An example sentence! Look at how excited I am, for xenophilia!

One might blame Eric Wedge's preference for the Dominican Miguel Olivo over the American John Jaso on a certain mild xenophilia, but the more likely culprit is simple misevaluation.

Olivo's on the bench tonight, with Jesus Montero catching and John Jaso DH'ing. Take that, accusations of xenophilia! You do not make sense!