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This might be the Lookout Landing debut of the letter c with the little squiggle underneath it. It has a name, and the name isn't "the letter c with the little squiggle underneath it", but I don't know what the name is because I took Spanish in high school instead of something completely impractical. Maybe one day the name will come up in our Word Learnin' series, and then in that post we can refer back to this post, and share a memory. Alternatively the Mariners could try acquiring a bunch more French-Canadians. Or French. But hopefully French-Canadians.

Today's word is "aperçu". I recommend against ever using it in English because the word isn't English, and nobody likes someone who inserts foreign words into English communication when there are English words that would do just fine. This word isn't as bad as pococurante, in that if you said this word to me out loud I wouldn't club you in the balls, but it's a French word, and think about how you felt the last time you heard someone say a French word in an English sentence. You hated it, right? You hated it, or you liked it and are terrible. I wish there were a way to prevent terrible people from coming here, this is my website, you're practically trespassing. The definition of that French word:

1. a hasty glance; a glimpse.

This is actually a really easy word to use in an example sentence:

You don't need more than a fleeting aperçu at one or two at-bats to know that Miguel Olivo is one of the least disciplined hitters in baseball.

I think my new thing is going to be being over-the-top critical of Miguel Olivo, even when he hasn't done anything negative lately. Hey, Miguel Olivo, how about doing all of my dishes? Oh, surprise surprise, you didn't. Figures.